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Child's Tipi

Child's Tipi:

This tipi is made of 12 oz. canvas and measures 9' from the door to the back of the tipi. It is most commonly used as a Native American playhouse for children. It is a thrill for all children since it is a real tipi that has been downsized to suit their scale. The use of fire is not recommended in the 9' size (shown in 'photo). The 9' tipi takes 9 poles for the frame and 2 for the smoke flaps. The poles are 12' long.

If one upsizes to the 12' Child's tipi, a luxury playhouse is created. Additionally, the 12' tipi can easily be packed on a sled or backpack as a temporary dwelling for a twosome or a soloist. The 12' tipi can safely accommodate a fire. This tipi uses 12 poles in the frame and 2 poles for the smoke flaps. The poles are 18' long.

14 footer tipi

The 14 Footer:

The 14' tipi (shown at left and in center above) offers a more practical size for adult use. It is spacious enough for 4-5 adults to sit comfortably around a fire, yet it is highly portable. It uses 20' long poles that weigh less and are more transportable on a vehicle than the poles required for the bigger tipis. This tipi takes 12 poles in the frame and 2 smoke flap poles and is made of 10.38 oz. treated canvas. Its smaller size makes it better at standing up to strong winds which translates into less maintenance when left up over long periods of time. A 14' tipi can be put up or taken down in less than half an hour. If you are looking for portability, ease of set-up, and hassle-free maintenance, this is a good choice. I use this size for hunting, fishing, and other outdoor excursions.

The Larger Sizes

The Larger Sizes:

The 16 Footer is the beginning of the tipis in which a spacious living area is available. When I step into a 16 Footer, I feel like I am in a good sized room with space enough to walk around in. Five adults can sleep comfortably in this tipi with plenty of space for gear, kitchen items, etc. It takes 17 poles that are 22' long which are still portable and manageable. All of the larger tipis are constructed of 10.38 oz. Sunforger sailcloth canvas.

The 18 Footer (shown at far right on the top of the page and above) is the most popular size amongst our customers. It is the tipi size most commonly seen at the Mountain Man Rendezvous. I consider this tipi a "family size" tipi. It sleeps six to eight people comfortably with all accompanying gear, food, etc. This tipi takes 17 poles that are 24' long. If you are looking for the experience of a big tipi with good manageability, this is the one. This size is preferred by many people who choose to live year-round in a tipi. I can set up an 18 Footer without assistance but it takes some experience to develop the ability. For most people, assistance is needed with a tipi of this size.

The 20 Footer is a very spacious tipi. It sleeps nine to eleven people with plenty of space to move around. The 20 Footer is the choice for a small group or a large family. This tipi takes 20 poles that are 26' long. Ideally, two people should be available to set up this tipi. The cover weighs about 60 lbs making an extra person's assistance useful in lifting the cover into position.

Sizes larger (22 Footer, 24 Footer and up) than those mentioned here may be specially ordered.

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