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Leather Bags

Leather Bags:

Any shape or size can be made to store important items. The purse bags go well with jackets. I also make leather blanket bags that have a backside made of leather and a front cut from a trade blanket. Pouch bags are cylinder shaped with a light fringe around the top and bottom with a leather cord to pull it shut. Beadwork on bags is offered.

Leather Bags:

Purse bag brain tanned....$85.00

Purse bag commercial leather....$55.00

Blanket bags with brain tanned leather....$75.00

Blanket bags commercial leather....$45.00

Cylinder bag brain tanned....$45.00

Cylinder bag commercial leather....$30.00

Pipe bag with fringe 3 in. x 12 in. brain tanned....$20.00

Pipe bag with fringe 3 in. x 12 in. commercial....$12.00

Man's hunting bag Brain tanned....$85.00

Man's hunting bag Commercial leather....$40.00

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