Trapline Lodges

Brained Tanned Deer Hides,
Brain Tanned Elk Hides,
Rawhide, Robes
Smoked Deer Hides,
and Hair on Hides

Hair-On Deer Hides:

Mule Deer or Whitetail:
These are commercially tanned hides with the hair on, good for cabin or tipi floors or tacking up on the walls for a rustic look. The hides are supple and I grade them saving the better ones for this use. Size average is 4.5 feet in length and 2.5 feet wide.

Hair-On Elk:
I save the nicer elk hides and turn them into throws and rugs, these hides average 5.5 feet in length and 4 feet wide. Great for hardwood floors and tipi floors as well, also a great robe to paint on skin side.

Bison Hides:
Brain tanned. This is the only hide that was commonly tanned leaving hair on. Crow Indian women were exceptional at this skill and the hides they worked were sought after during the robe trade lasting from 1825-1880. It was said that each women could tan 10 hides for trade, this was above and beyond the hides needed for their family's use. Traditionally, the bison hide was used as a blanket covering the body of the owner. Heavy coats and jackets were not commonly made by the plains tribes so a buffalo hide was used for winter covering. The hide was wrapped tightly around oneself and often there were straps sewn on for securing while riding. Often elaborate paintings were rendered on such hides increasing their trade value. collections of northern tribes from the northern United States up into the Cree country of Canada. Large and small available.

Painted Robes:
Robe painting was done to commemorate a great battle or hunt or just to distinguish the individual who owned the robe with a personalized touch. I can provide Beadwork and Painting on robes. Starburst patterns, "box patterns", hunts and war scenes are some of the traditional designs I paint. All painting is done with earth powder paint.

Brain Tanned Deer Hides:
I split my time between tipi making and craft work and tanning of leather takes up a good amount of that craft work. Hides are wetscraped brained and stretched to a plush softness not found in any commercially tanned leather. The main advantage in braintanned hides for garment making is the fact that it breaths unlike the commercial leather. If you're planning on making museum quality replications brain tanned leather is the only way to go.
- small yearling hides 5 square feet, great for making shirt sleeves, bags, dolls, model tipis and other small projects.
- medium doe or small buck, good for shirt fronts, pants, leggings, dresses, and jackets.
- large doe and buck are excellent for full length dresses and other large projects.
These hides are selected for top grade for size and holes. I sew shut any hole bigger than a dime. All hides unless otherwise requested are smoked light brown with cottonwood. I tan about 50 hides a year - call to check on availability.

Brain Tanned Elk:
I sell the elk mainly for use in moccasins and jackets. I usually don't tan the whole hide. Often, elk, being a large animal, is quartered or halved when it's harvested to aid in the task of packing it out. I tan fewer elk compared to deer but usually have a few hides in stock.

Small aprox. 7 sq. ft. - White....$75.00       Smoked.....$150.00
Medium aprox. 10 sq. ft. - White....$110.00       Smoked....$185.00
Large aprox. 12 sq. ft. - White.....$145.00       Smoked.....$225.00

Halves - 9-11 square feet - White....$200.00       Smoked....$220.00
Whole Hides:
Large - White....$400.00       Smoked....$425.00
Medium - White....$375.00       Smoked....$400.00
Small - White....$280.00       Smoked....$300.00

Inquire about whole hides


"Available from Trapline prepped deer hides for tanning these hides have been brought to the point where all the tanner needs to do is take them through the softening process by braining the hide breaking and stretching. These hides will soak up brain like a sponge due to the special way they are prepared. "
Small stretches out at 7+ sq feet....$40.00 each
Medium stretches out at 9+ sq feet....$55.00 each
Large buck hides stretch out at 11+ sq feet....$70.00 each

Elk:     whole....$200.00     half....$100.00     quarter ....$45.00
Buffalo:     half....$100.00

Small aprox. 7 sq. ft.....$150.00
Medium aprox. 10 sq. ft.....$185.00
Large aprox. 12 sq. ft.....$225.00

Buffalo Robes Brain tanned:....$800.00
Buffalo Robes Commercial tanned....$650.00
Elk hair on....$400.00
Mule deer or White tail hair on....$80.00

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