Trapline Lodges

Favorite Books

The Indian Tipi: It's History, Construction, and Use by Reginald Laubin, paper back - This book is essential to any tipi owner. It covers the set up, maintenance and living in a tipi, including heating and cooking. It shows craft work, painting designs and much more - over 75 drawings and pictures.



Blue Mountain Buckskin by Jim Riggs 133 pages - The first book I owned on brain tanning. I learned a lot from this book. When I got with experienced tanners I knew what was going on. The book covers mostly dry scrape but also goes over wet scrape very thoroughly and has many black and white photos and diagrams.



Buckskin: The Ancient Art of Braintanning, A Practical Guide to Home Tanning by the Wet-Scrape Method by Steven Endholm and Tamara Wilder 300 pages - Building from Jim Rigg's tanning experience this book differs in that it covers the method of wet scrape intensely. Forward by Jim Riggs. Very good book.


Crafts of the North American Indians "A Craftsman's Manual" by Richard C. Shneider 322 pages - This book is very well illustrated and is an excellent resource for the craftsman working with natural materials. It covers a wide range of subjects, everything from tanning hides, drum making, flint knapping, moccasins, basketry, crafting bows and arrows, and much more.


Deerskin into Buckskin, "How to Tan with Natural Materials" - a field guide for hunters and gatherers by Matt Richards 150 pages - This book is a must have for anyone attempting to tan deer hides the "Indian way". Every page has illustrations and pictures that make it easy to understand the method described in the text.


Participating in Nature by Thomas J. Elpel 190 pages - Field Guide to primitive living skills. This is an excellent book for anyone who thinks about taking off into the wilderness or even back wood lot. It covers fire making, primitive tool crafting, shelter and insulation, tanning edible plants and how to use them and a good dose of philosophy and common sense thinking by the author on the outdoors.


Primitive Technology - "A Book of Earth Skills" This book is a sharing of ideas philosophy, history and stories by authorities on primitive technology. Subjects covered are creating fire, tools of wood, bone, and stone, working with fiber, projectiles, adhesives, art and music.


The Tanning Spirit 45 minute video tape for the beginner and seasoned tanner. Melvin Beatie has put 37 years of experience into this video.


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