Trapline Lodges

Trappers Gloves, Mittens
and Fur Hats

Trappers Gloves:

Gloves are great for cold weather riding, snow shoeing, and other winter activities. Insulated with heavy wool felt, made with beaver fur, fringed and beaded. These fingered gloves were often seen in collections of northern tribes from the northern United States up into the Cree country of Canada. Large and small available.


Insulated leather shell with beaver fur trim, like the gloves, they can be beaded.

Trappers Gloves:

Felt lined commercial leather finger gloves beaver trim....$65.00

Felt lined brain tanned finger gloves beaver trimmed....$85.00


Felt lined commercial leather mittens with beaver trim....$65.00

Felt lined brain tanned mittens with beaver trim....$85.00

Fur Head Dresses, Turbans and Mountain Man Hats:

Fur Head dresses are made from coyote, fox, coon or badger. A whole skin is used. There is a cut where the head meets the neck and then it's sewn so it lays nicely on a persons head. These are the head pieces used in dance and worn in battles and raids. The head of the animal is shaped to bring out a life like appearance. The nose is shaped and the ears are erect to give it an alert look. Feathers are used to decorate along with weasel skins and trade cloth. The inside of the skin is lined with trade cloth felt and a leather tie allows the wearer to fasten it tightly to the head.

Mountain style hats are sewn so they fit the head snugly and the inside is lined with felt. The face is kept as the front of the hat and the tail hangs down the baskside. Coyote, fox beaver badger, raccoon and skunk are used.

Turbans are made from either beaver coyote fox or otter. Often seen worn by natives in old black and white photographs these are typically decorated with trade silver crosses or figures and feathers.

Mountain Man Style (1):

Coyote....$165.00       Fox....$145.00
Raccoon....$125.00     Beaver....$160.00

Native American Headdress Style (2):

Coyote....$165.00       Fox....$145.00

Native American Turban Style (3):

Coyote....$125.00       Fox....$120.00
Raccoon....$85.00       Beaver....$120.00

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